Innovation in Coaching web portals


In December 2020, 3SC were awarded ‘Excellent’ against the Merlin Supply Chain Standard. A significant part of that success can be attributed to the way in which 3SC manage our supply chain service delivery, quality and performance through innovative and contract/grant bespoke IT portals developed in house.


A good example of the use of a 3SC bespoke portal is for managing the delivery of our Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching (NDSC) contract. This contract entails the delivery of personalised coaching support from numerous coaches to people across the UK who may consider themselves Neuro-Diverse. Participants receive multiple coaching sessions of different lengths that all need to be backed up with paperwork and sign offs.


It’s a complex picture dealing with so many participants, their separate appointments, paperwork sets, numerous coaches, invoices that flow both up and down stream along with quality measures and traditional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that need to be met. The NDSC portal significantly reduces the time, money and effort spent on administrative functions allowing the focus to be on the participant receiving a quality service targeted to their individual needs.


When 3SC were awarded the NDSC contract we launched our new NDSC portal allowing the live tracking of individuals for each appointment from initial referral to 3SC through to payment to the individual coach. Our coaches see their caseload, can download, complete and then upload required paperwork whilst managing their diaries effectively. 3SC Contract Managers can see everyone and everything at the press of a button meaning that KPIs and quality are easily checked, updated and fed back on. We are even able to share the live view with commissioners and primes. Invoicing is automated for both our coaches and our commissioners further reducing the administrative burden and the risk of human error. The NDSC portal saves a significant amount of time and money by firstly presenting data intuitively and secondly automating processes that do not need human intervention.


3SC design and implement bespoke IT web portal solutions for our employment contracts and grant programmes. All are praised by our delivery partners and commissioners alike. They are flexible, agile and constantly evolving to meet the changing needs, demands and challenges of individual programmes, commissioners and markets.


Now is a great time to consider how a bespoke portal designed and developed by 3SC can save you time and money whilst delivering excellent performance and management.


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Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC