Employability Day – 2022


Each year ERSA run a national campaign for the Employability Support Sector. This year, Employability Day is on Friday, 17th June.


Employability day is an opportunity for the sector and its partners to celebrate their hard work, supporting people in their search for employability success by showcasing their wins and driving understanding at every level.


Employability day is open to everyone involved in employment, from businesses and charities to local community groups and local authorities.


“Employability Day 2022 is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the great work of the employment support sector. Organisations should use the day to demonstrate their own successes and the success of the wider sector.


Despite record levels of employment and vacancies, the number of economically inactive people, particularly older workers are growing. This Employability Day, we are championing the work of employment support providers, who are very well placed to help fill these vacancies and tackle the current participation crisis.


Whether it is through national government contracts or more local, European-funded projects, organisations have supported people, often the most vulnerable, into jobs. Every single vacancy that our sector fills helps to transform the lives of individuals and their communities. This Employability Day, we need to celebrate these achievements with each other and the wider public.” 


Elizabeth Taylor, CEO, ERSA


This years’ theme is #WeFillVacancies and we’re proud to have played our part in filling hundreds of vacancies across the UK. Our work encompasses larger and smaller organisations and primes, whether that is working with the GLA delivering a parental employment programme (New Parental Employment Contract in London – 3SC or working with organisations like the Cornelly Development Trust (Membership Spotlight – Cornelly Development Trust – 3SC).


We don’t just get people in to work, we also help people stay in work. Our Neuro-Diverse Strategy Coaching programme (NDSC) has worked with hundreds of people helping them develop strategies to achieve their potential whilst in employment. Some of their case studies can be found here;


Case Study: NDSC Momentwm Consulting – 3SC

Case Study: NDSC McQueen – 3SC

NDSC: Marie Wells Case Study – 3SC


We’d love to hear more about what you do so that it can be highlighted for the 2022 Employability day. Please drop us a line at info@3sc.org otherwise check out www.3sc.org for more information on what we do.


Gareth Snaith, Contract Performance Manager, 3SC